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Temperament Based Training Programs

Temperament Based Training Programs

In order to improve the quality of education, to produce effective approaches and solutions in order to educate happy, healthy, productive, harmonious and socially beneficial individuals, there is a need for a perspective that can identify individual differences on a realistic and correct ground. Temperament Based Training and Guidance approach developed based on NTTM; based on the concept of temperament that determines the innate, life-changing, individual's perception, motivation and perspectives, it makes it possible to identify individual differences and to determine the appropriate education and guidance approach to these differences.

In the field of education in Turkey reveal a new vision of the Mizmer; Educational Institutions based on the Temperament Based Training Applications prepared within the framework of the Nine Type Temperament Model; The training provides a realistic and accurate view of individual differences in order to raise the quality, to educate happy, healthy, productive, harmonious and socially beneficial individuals. In addition, it provides institutions with the opportunity to maintain high-level education and training activities with the proper placement of each staff working in educational institutions and providing practical information for performance quality.

Temperament Based Education and Guidance approach;

  • It is based on the notion of life-changing, unchanging temperament, which is expressed as (when one in7 years old will be the same in 70 years old).
  • It is a personality prediction system. That explains how the nature of the innate temperament shapes the character and personality structure that can change and develop in the interaction with education and social environment.
  • To be more effective in the current approach strategies used in education; , Which student, which approach, how to apply? It leads the way to the educators on the answers to the questions.
  • Provides guidance to educators on how to regulate the environmental conditions so that students can quickly and accurately and consistently determine their individual potentials based on temperament type.
  • Predict the risks that may affect the performance of the students or create psychopathology and contribute to the prevention of risks by providing appropriate approach strategies to the educators before the risks emerge.
  • Identifies the characteristics that students may not learn in their temperament type but if they are supported, and provide appropriate supportive approaches for the acquisition of these characteristics.
  • Will contribute to the healthy character and personality development of the students and will provide solutions to their behaviour problems; It provides fast, effective, permanent and result intervention ability according to individual differences.
  • Helps to raise the awareness levels of all stakeholders (managers, counsellors, teachers and parents) who influence education and training as well as temperament types and detailed temperament analysis reports..