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Mizmer Individual Counselling

Training, Seminar and Consultancy Service

Training, Seminar and Consultancy Service

In the name of educating modern, happy, healthy, productive, harmonious and socially beneficial individuals; The course focuses on the importance of counselling and training practices that can identify individual differences and reveal the individual potential of students, managers, teachers, and, in short, anyone who contributes to school and education. We developed based on NTTM; based on the concept of temperament that determines the innate, life-changing, individual's perception, motivation and perspectives, it makes it possible to provide education and counselling according to individual differences. The guidance provided to teachers, teachers and social workers enables them to explore the motivation, search, tendency and positive / negative potential of their lives.

In the field of education in Turkey reveal a new vision of the Mizmer; Educational Institutions based on the Temperament Based Training Applications prepared within the framework of the Nine Type Temperament Model; The training provides a realistic and accurate view of individual differences in order to raise the quality, to educate happy, healthy, productive, harmonious and socially beneficial individuals. In addition, it provides institutions with the opportunity to maintain high-level education and training activities with the proper placement of each staff working in educational institutions and providing practical information for performance quality.

Properties of Temperament Types

They provide detailed information about the properties of temperament types and help them to establish a solid theoretical framework in their minds. It enables students / Clients to identify behaviour, emotion and thought features in a holistic, accurate and consistent manner. It enables them to determine the most accurate and effective way of communication without losing time. It helps students / clients to develop a guidance map that suits their basic psychological needs.