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NTTM Basic Training Announcement

NTTM Basic Training Announcement


“Throughout my career, I have studied many personality patterns.

Nine Type Temperament Model is the most comprehensive, practical and applicable in all models to single roof model.


            Dear Colleagues;

            Individual differences are one of the most important study topics of professional professionals working in the field (especially psychologists, educational psychologists, psychological counsellors, child development experts and social workers). In practice, determination of individual differences, monitoring of development and the solution of developmental crises, reflecting the behaviour development processes towards education and guidance, requires the use of special skills and strategies.

            Nine Type Temperament Model; It is a special model that offers practical and effective methods to work in a coherent lifelong way, allowing the opportunity to examine and change individual differences from early childhood. The Nine Types of Temperament Model, which accommodates cultural and universal definitions in harmony with nature, has significant advantages in the practical field with its strong emphasis on uniqueness and the rapid introduction of effective intervention and assistance skills for practitioners. The Temperament Based Training and Guidance Model, which is developed based on the nine types of Temperament Model, offers a holistic approach to guide professionals in the process of personal, educational and vocational guidance, as well as supporting communication, harmony, psychological well-being in both the daily life and teaching process.

            It is aimed that the participants acquire detailed knowledge about the features of the Nine Types Temperament Model and temperament types, and develop skills in temperament based education and guidance model applications.

            At the end of the training, participants gain the ability to identify and interpret temperament types.

            At the end of the training, participants will be able to identify individuals, identify their weaknesses and strengths, identify dispute points and solve them.

            Participation Certificate will be given at the end of the training.



            Psychiatrist Dr. Enver Demirel Yılmaz

            Psychologist and Family Counsellor Özge Ünal

            Psychologist Alp Örek

            Psychologist Cansu Gök

            Who can attend: Psychologists, psychological counsellors, psychiatrists, medical doctors, teachers, child development professionals, social workers, family counsellors, Human Resource Professionals, Personal Development Professionals, and related department students

            Those who wish to participate in the training must pre-register on 0532 061 47 17 or


Training 1st GRAP 13 August 2018-17 August 2018

              September 2, 2018 September 2018

              September 3, 2018 September 2018

Participation Fee: 2500 + KDV

Location: Söğütözü Quarter Koç Towers, B block, Floor: 5 No: 9, 06530 Çankaya / Ankara

         Painter Halim Sokak Kadir Has Plaza B1 Block Floor: 2 No: 105 Bahçelievler / İstanbul

* In case of pre-registration participants deposit half of the tuition fee, the final registration will be made.