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Nowadays, the Traditional Guidance Approach focusing on the problems of the students is replaced by the “Developmental Guidance” approach, which is centered on supporting career development only, designed for educational institutions. The developmental guidance approach aims to support the lifelong development of children based on developmental theories. It aims to support the life development of all students in a predictive and preventive destek manner, not just problematic students.

This program-oriented approach is considered to be a component of the school's mission, as it supports the participation of all staff in the school. Another stage of the program is evaluations. With the evaluations made in certain periods, the effectiveness of the studies conducted to gain competence to the students is tested. Developmental guidance approach; It has an important place in the guidance services with a holistic point of view, which includes all the students and the students.

Individual differences become even more important when it comes to the development of all students in the school. Each student's individual development will be in line with his / her interest, motivation, needs and expectations. Taking individual differences into consideration, identifying them correctly, and developing the right approach, setting realistic goals for each child and evaluating it is the point where the Nine Types of Temperament Model and Developmental Guidance Approach overlap. According to the Nine Types Temperament Model, each temperament structure tends to exhibit a healthy personality appearance by interacting with positive, nourishing and enhancing conditions.

With the temperament-based guidance approach, it is possible to identify individual differences and individual-specific realistic goals through temperament structures of children. When the targets are determined by considering the individual differences; it is a foreseeable outcome that the child can demonstrate their positive potential with the support of developmental guidance.

According to the Nine Types Temperament Model, each temperament structure has properties that are open to its own negativity. With the knowledge of the child's temperament, it is possible to prevent the characteristics that are open to negativity and prevent the occurrence of psychopathology. In the evaluation process; the assessment of individual development goals based on the child's temperament structure will be more functional and realistic. However, the application of the Temperament Based Developmental Guidance approach for personal-social development, educational development and career development purposes allows teachers, students and parents to have a healthier, more efficient and successful education process.


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