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From Enneagram to Nine Types of Temperament Model: A Suggestion

Enver Demirel Yılmaz - Ali Görkem Gençer - Özge Ünal - Ömer Aydemir

The concepts of temperament, character and personality are handled by many disciplines about interpersonal differences. These concepts, which are related but different, are often used interchangeably. Nine Types of Temperament Model (NTTM) which is a new temperament model, was created with the interpretation of the Enneagram system. The model provides a new perspective to the study of the definitions, boundaries, scopes and relations between each other, as well as to examine the differences between the individuals. In this paper, the similarities and differences between the Enneagram and NTTM, the nine basic types of temperament, and the behaviors and attitudes that are different from the normal in situations of stress and relaxation are described. At the same time, we suggest the DTMM as a new and holistic model that can explain the causes of human behaviour, and can be used in research and applications in psychiatry, psychology and education.

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