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NTTM basic level education - Trabzon

Basic Level of Nine Types Temperament Model Training was done in Trabzon, we conducted the training on basic temperament system especially for child development and education with Guidance Teachers and Pedagogues. At the end of the two-week training, participants received certificates of Basic Level of Nine Types Temperament Model Training.

Today’s psychological approaches talks about how each child should be handled in his own uniqueness. However, while some psychotherapies approach the individual systematically and certain psychotherapies, some psychotherapies may be in need of the individual as much as Ancak cannot go beyond the discourse of the individual Ancak. The more a reductionist approach to integrate a particular system into the individual, the more psychedelic the psychotherapy can allow the person to simulate. However, knowing the inherent motivations, perceptions and tendencies of individuals and evaluating the uniqueness in the next stage provide a natural, intimate therapy environment with individuals. In this context, Nine Types of Temperament Model, while taking the individuals into consideration within the scope of the characteristics brought by the temperament, creates an environment for individual differences within the scope of personality determined by the temperament. This situation also points to the same problem when it is taken into consideration in different individuals. Generally, the therapy environment can produce very long time and often coincidental results when different people do not express themselves as well as çoğu normal individuals. In addition, retardation or progression birey seen in individuals who develop differently obscures the needs of that individual. For example; cognitive studies can be performed with mentally handicapped individuals, but these studies with an emotionally focused individual may not result.

Nine types of temperament models, which play an important role in the understanding of different developing individuals, do not distinguish these individuals from “normal developing Farklı individuals and evaluate them in their own motivation, perception and tendencies. For example; Meeting the emotional needs of a different person who has a focal point of emotion in special education is more important than being able to eat his own food or to take care of himself. A qualified therapy; it can only be expressed by organizing the needs of the individual in his / her own temperament structure and by supporting the physical, cognitive and emotional development.

There is still a debate on how to train individuals who are developing differently nasıl and l developing normally devam in the field of education, such as counseling. The fact that there are more applications for tedir normal developing ın individuals implies the lack of practices for different developing individuals. However, it is evident that there is no specific approach to individual differences in different developing individual’s in education. At this point, when teachers are helpless in education, it is possible to develop new methods with the help of temperament differences. It can be seen that the development of different developing individuals in is much more robust and faster as the special educators who apply the approach of the nine types of Temperament Model to individuals in education are based on temperament. For example; an individual education plan with an autistic child is applied according to the level of behavioral development of the child. However, it is ignored that cognitive development in an emotive-focused temperament structure may be different with an autistic child with a mentally oriented temperament structure. In this case, current educational plans are carried out in a way that is completely different from individual differences under the name of individual differences. Constructing individual education plans according to temperament can mean focusing on the physical, cognitive, behavioral development of children, which is the origin of their behavioral development. Thus, each child can be integrated to the needs of the society by meeting their own needs.

A temperamental-based approach to different developing individuals is important for their parents. The temperamental approach provides educators with the opportunity to address many important issues such as the need for studies on what field in family interviews, what their children need, and the need for parents and children.

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