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Obsession and Impairment Disorder in Children

“There is always a voice in my mind that says that I'm not clean enough so I wash my hands 10 more times. I have to do this until I silence it.”

“I'm so scared of making it wrong that I've checked a text that I've written over and over again. This makes it never to end, but I can't do it any other way.” 

“I'm too scared to lose the people I love. This causes me to count everything I see, if I stop it, I feel like my loved ones will disappear. That's why I have to keep counting.”

The sentences you read above are just some of the sentences that pass through the minds of children with obsessive-compulsive disorder. They have very strong reasons to do this. Would you do it if you were thinking the same way? Do you understand that this process, which is so exhausting when you look at it from outside, causes a great complexity in your children's inner world, but in turn leads to order, calmness and security?