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How Do I Know That My Child’s Ability is Superior?

The academic achievement, social and personal development opportunities offered to the community in the field of education and training, as well as the awareness of parents on issues related to their children, academic success is gaining importance. When it comes to academic achievement, the first question that comes to mind of individuals is the number of children's intelligence points. If your child has shown high performance as a result of some intelligence level evaluations, he can enter into the category of gifted or bright intelligence. It is better to look at the conceptual intelligence before having ideas about the type of intelligence.


Intelligence; It is all the basic skills that are to be able to survive very roughly, and the capacity to use them.


The skill is -congenital and forming the infrastructure of skills- the potential for intelligence to be cast.

Although they say there is no single intelligence score, intelligence is multifaced, and the theoretical substructure which cannot be completed stands out. However, there is no model that provides a practical road map for developing intelligence and talent. The basic parameter that determines the qualitative aspect of intelligence and ability is temperament. At this point, the definition of superior capability also varies.


Superior ability is the capacity of qualitative intelligence to be exhibited at high speed and quality. Without knowing the temperament, it is impossible to know what intelligence types the children have, how much they exhibit their abilities, and their positive and negative potentials. So is your child's ability superior ?

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