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Specialist Psychologist Alp Örek

He completed her undergraduate degree at psychology in Maltepe University. In the first years of her career she worked in Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Social Services and Ümraniye Prison. He completed Rorschach Training from Rorschach and Projective Testing Association. He took part in many international projects since his undergraduate years. He worked as a specialist psychologist in International Federation Committee of Private Athletes Federation. He provided project coordination for many years in the Cultural Awareness Development Foundation. He has authored numerous academic publications. He gave many trainings on Temperament Based Marriage Therapy and trainings for managers and staff of Turkey's leading governmental agencies and provided consulting services. He has made many academic studies on the development of The Nine Types of Temperament Model in various fields. He has been applying The Nine Types of Temperament Model for many years to individual psychotherapy, couple and family counseling and continues to provide training and supervision.

Mizmer 360° introduction video

You can watch a 360 ° introductory video from Mizmer.

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Psychiatric Counseling Services

In our Family and Child Counseling services, families are offered an approach where the individual differences of the child are centered, which can help the children to demonstrate their full potential, respond to their expectations, viewpoints and needs. The basis of this approach is the concept of ve temperament inin, which is the biological determinant of all positive potentials and talents of children, as well as the risk factors for the risk of life.