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Who We Are ?

We are an expert team that focuses on understanding the range of human behaviour from normal to psychopathology.

We have a new model and understanding that provides professional support from an integrated perspective to the educational, psychological and social development efforts of individuals from the roots and future orientations of Earth Civilization accumulation, from normality to psychopathology, to every individual who wants to know and understand himself / herself and others. We are a team.

MIZMER multidisciplinary work constructing the model of accumulation and development of scientific and Nine Types of Temperament model that combines artificial intelligence with practical skills that provide support to experts is the first example in Turkey and in the world.

MIZMER is an institution that produces unique and innovative models in the field such as Temperament Based Education and MITELIK (Temperament Based Ability Model) which is developed by a wide range of experts, Psychologists, Psychologists, Psychologists, Human Resources Professionals and Software Engineers.

MIZMER is being prepared and developed by specialized faculty members within MIZMER ACADEMY in the areas of original education and social development support system, Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychological Counselling, Mathematics, Literacy Teaching, Science, Social Science Teaching, Psychodrama and Special Education.

Our Common Purpose

MIZMER, setting out with the motto “care for human”; aims to contribute to the formation of “happy individual, happy family, happy society by means of individual education and consultancy services. MIZMER people; compatible, balanced, high-quality and high-quality life is a basic goal to support. With a dynamic model, it helps to make the individual discover his / her temperament type and the character and personality traits that are shaped in the temperament axis in the development process. Education, psychological counselling, psychology and psychiatric support provides holistic, individual-specific solutions.

The Founder

Psychiatrist Dr. Enver Demirel Yılmaz


Worth Humanity...

What is MIZMER ? What Does It Produce ?

It is grouchy; in the field of industry, education, child development, guidance, psychology and psychiatry, they are the centres that provide support services with a new understanding and approach in accordance with the temperament, character and personality structure of the individual within the framework of the Nine Types Temperament Model (NTTM). MIZMER was established to provide institutions and individuals to specific psychotherapy, psychological counselling, educational-academic guidance, human resources consultancy, measurement and evaluation, career guidance and assistance services for different developing children within the framework of multidimensional development and NTTM.

MIZMER, managers and employees, children, students, adolescents, adults, married couples, parents, mental health workers, education experts and training managers; MIZMER produces qualified and effective support with the educational contents developed by the Academy.


To determine the development and problems of the individuals from the mother's womb, to support them when they have problems, to work on the protection of psychological-cognitive-developmental-social health, to guide the difficulties encountered during the education life, to guide the goals of individuals, couples and families To help them perform, to provide effective solutions based on the individual differences of managers and employees in the business world and to carry out all these support studies in a scientific way.


The areas of education, development, psychology and psychological counselling are the areas where the developments are continuous. In the light of scientific developments, we aim to provide high quality and effective service and to support scientific developments with researches. Therefore grouchy Nine Types team as we configure our application through training and temperament models in all provinces except in Turkey and abroad is our basic vision to bring people in many countries.